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CygnusMarine is now CLOSED. This site is a review of their historical range and links to new builders where available.

Boat Range


A global range of GRP water craft for all applications

cygnus marine cyclone

Fast Fishing Vessels

Popular fast planning craft that used around the world for a wide range of applications

Displacement Fishing

The most reliable and rebuttable Gary Mitchell designs. Maximising capacities and capabilities the world over

Lesuire Craft

Utilising the Cygnus reputation for build quality and reliability for leisure activities

about Cygnus Marine

A Brief History . . .

Cygnus Marine was more than 30 years in production, established in Falmouth in 1972 on the Tregoniggie Industrial Estate. Initially they fitted out the Lochin 33, then known as the ‘Falmouth Fast Fisherman’.

The mackerel ‘klondyking’ boom of the early 70’s led to a rush of orders, and an early association with Gary Mitchell a local designer, who produced the lines plans for a number of the Cygnus displacement hulls. These included the GM26 and GM32, hundreds of which were built for the UK and abroad.

Another yard was opened in Truro, ‘SteelShip’, where some very high quality steel vessels up to 120′, and aluminum patrol vessel and life boats up to 60′ were produced.

Boat Builders

Meet the new Cygnus Builders

The legacy continues. Find out the models and designs still being built and get in touch with the new constuctors:

designs and products

Featured Vessel

Max under 10m length overall fishing vessel with 4.72m (15′-6″) beam. Probably the largest moulded hull form in the category available. Features include large bulbous bow enabling the engine to be fitted well forward maximising the hold capacity with standing headroom. Large displacement and huge propeller aperture makes an ideal trawler or vivier crabber.

CYGNUS SF33 and 38

10m Large displacement ideal trawler or vivier crabber.

Speed M / Ph
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It would be great to hear from anyone with a CYGNUS vessel or spots a boat whilst on there travels.

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As CYGNUS MARINE is no longer an operational business we will endeavour to get back to you as soon as possible. We welcome any enquires or advice requests

All correspondence will be dealt with in strictest confidence though if we feel your enquiry is best served by one of our partner suppliers your message will be redirected