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 Britannia Yard Penryn, Cornwall.
A History of quality design

the Designer

Gary Mitchell

The youngest son of G Percy Mitchell. Percy was a famous builder of beautiful wooden boats of which he built over three hundred and sixty. They ranged from classic yachts to ferries and fishing boats. After his retirement in 1968 Gary took over the running of the yard in Portmellon, Cornwall and this led to me designing both wood and glass fibre vessels. Gary became the principal designer of the GM range of glass fibre heavy displacement fishing boats for Cygnus Marine of Falmouth, Cornwall and also many other yards. His designs are now in many parts of the UK and the world over.

The Boats

the Historical Range

All the production boats produced between 1972 and 2008


Cygnus Bosscat

The exciting and versatile BOSSCAT design is now in production at CYGNUS MARINE, bringing for the first time a range of planning catamarans to the CYGNUS portfolio.

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Rocket 31

Cygnus Rocket 31

The hull form is a radical departure from the accepted norms which have evolved under the rating rules. The hull lines where conceived by New Zealand yacht designer Jim Young who tempted Greg Peck from Cornwall to build a cedar prototype.

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Cygnus Cyclone Patrol

For any owner looking for a fast, stable. Seaworthy and proven hull design, the new CYCLONE 30 PATROL will simply be impossible to beat.

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Cygnus CY33 PILOT

Based upon the popular and successful semi displacement CYFISH hull design the new moulded ‘PILOT’ superstructure model is aimed at the discriminating owner, who really wants to use his vessel in most conditions all through the year

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Cygnus CyFish 39

In 1985 the CYGNUS CY39 first appeared as a development of the CYFISH 33 hull design from Ian Cullingworth. Since the CY39 has proven to be a reliable and popular semi displacement workboat for a range of applications.

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Cygnus Revenge 38

The CYGNUS Revenge 38 hull combines the load carrying and stability of an advanced wide bodied monohull, along with the improved sea keeping and handling on a “vee” form double chine design.

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Cygnus TYPHOON 38

The TYPHOON is much more gentle in a sea that a multi-hull, not slamming so violently when offshore, plus having greater buoyancy enabling it to carry a good load without excessive sinkage and loss of freeboard.

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Cygnus TYPHOON 33

Building on the success of the popular and well proven CYGNUS CYFISH and CYCLONE hull designs, the CYGNUS TYPHOON is intended for use as a fast workboat with applications for passengers, chartering, commercial fishing, angling, survey, patrol and leisure use too.

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Cygnus Cyclone 30

The CYGNUS Cyclone has now proved itself to be a tremendous improvement on an already hugely popular and successful design. Since its introduction in the 80’s, as a revolutionary wide-beamed concept, the original CY26 has become the bench mark for a fast, stable and seaworthy craft.

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