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Cygnus SF33

The boats that we produced were all bespoke, crafted to customer specifications so you may find many variations on this core product out there that are unique in their own way.


Cygnus SF33

Built as an under 10m registered length fishing vessel, wide 4.72m beam and 2.2m draught, this 35ton displacement hull is perfect for trawling or as a crabber. Power requirement around 250 to 300 hp
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Cygnus SF33

Max under 10m length overall fishing vessel with 4.72m (15′-6″) beam.

Probably the largest moulded hull form in the category available. Features include large bulbous bow enabling the engine to be fitted well forward maximising the hold capacity with standing headroom.

Large displacement and huge propeller aperture makes an ideal trawler or vivier crabber.

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SF33 Lines Plan and Specification


Some Diagrams are not to scale. All craft are custom built and may not match diagram above

Metric 2.21m Imperial 7'-3''
Metric 4.72m Imperial 15'-6''
Overall Length
Metric 10.9m Imperial 33'-0'
Registered Length
Metric 8.10m Imperial 30'-0''
Propeller Diameter
Metric 1.32m Imperial 4'-4
Fish Hold Capacity
Metric 25 cubic meters Imperial 883 cubic ft
Engine Power
Metric 110 - 180kw Imperial 150 - 240hp
Fuel Capacity
Metric 3650 litres Imperial 800 galls
Gearbox Reduction
Metric 3:1 or 4:1
Metric 30 tons
Static Bollard Pull
Metric 3 tons
Metric 2222 km Imperial 1200 nm
Metric 17kph Imperial 10knots

Dimensions in FT and Inches

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