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Cygnus CY33 PILOT

The boats that we produced were all bespoke, crafted to customer specifications so you may find many variations on this core product out there that are unique in their own way.


Cygnus CY33 PILOT

Based upon the popular and successful semi displacement CYFISH hull design the new moulded 'PILOT' superstructure model is aimed at the discriminating owner, who really wants to use his vessel in most conditions all through the year
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Cygnus CY33 PILOT

Based upon the popular and successful semi displacement CYFISH hull design the new moulded ‘PILOT’ superstructure model is aimed at the discriminating owner, who really wants to use his vessel in most conditions all through the year

Internal fit out is to the owners and their families own particular preferences, nothing is moulded in, and bulkheads and accommodation spaces can be built in as required, even the wheelhouse can be shortened to create a larger cockpit for angling / chartering etc. The choice of woods, surfaces cloths and almost any part of the craft can be individually specified, or even owners supply if desired.

With a choice of single or twin shaft drives, stern drives, jet drives or surface-pierces, with any choice of propulsion engines, your own preferences can be easily met.

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CyFish Pilot Lines Plan and Specification


Some Diagrams are not to scale. All craft are custom built and may not match diagram above

Overall Length
Metric 10.0m Imperial 33'-0''
Metric 1.06m Imperial 3'5''
Metric 3.65m Imperial 12'-0''
Metric 5.5tons
Engine Power
Metric 300 kw Imperial 400hp
Fuel Capacity
Metric 680-900 litres Imperial 150-200 galls
Imperial 10-24 knots

Dimensions in FT and Inches

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This Cygnus boat is available fromĀ 


Fionan Murphy

F.M. Marine Services Ltd
Ballymanagh, Valentia Island
Co Kerry, Ireland
Reg. Nr.: 9645613L

M: +353 (0)8 72 80 98 61
T: +353 (0)6 69 47 68 83


The Cygnus Cyfish Pilot

The Cygnus Cyfish FC can be built in the size 33 to 39 feet and any length in between. These are the original Cygnus moulds. There is a choice of three different wheelhouses: The fisherman (trawler style) wheelhouse, the Angling wheelhouse and the Forward Control wheelhouse.

See the pictures section for the different wheelhouses. The hull is a strong, fast and bespoke semi-planning hull. The vessel has a large cockpit area. The developed shines and spray deflectors provide a very stable platform and a dry ride.

The Cygnus Cyfish is the benchmark for any sea boat in its length. Its performance in bad conditions makes it the preferred choice in its class. It can be supplied at any stage of completion for home or local boatyard fit out, or fully finished at our boat-building yard in Ireland.

Cyfish Pilot

Cyfish_pilot_Causeway Explorer
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2 replies on “Cygnus CY33 PILOT”

Hi there, I am looking at options to replace the engine in my cy33.
Wonder if you can let me know what you would recommend, the price for supply only and supply and fit.
I would consider both a new engine or Reconditioned.
The boat had a Ford 280c in which I replaced with an older model last year.
I would be looking at possibly over the coming winter.

Re your inquiry regarding a replacement engine for a Cyfish 33
Cygnus marine fitted quite a few Ford Sabre engines in the early boats, then the most popular became the Volvo TAMD63 or the Iveco 320.
I would recommend you talk to your local dealers as they are best placed to look at your boat and get you the best combination of engine, gearbox and sterngear. Don’t forget if you change the HP or gearbox reduction you need to adjust or change the propeller. No good spending huge amounts of money to change the engine without the ability to transmit that power into the water! (Is your current prop’ correct?
If you move away from a Ford based engine the seacock, exhaust and fuel connections may well be on opposite sides, the feet will be at different heights and positions etc.
I imagine your existing Ford is not giving you much speed, and the weight of the boat with gear has risen over the years. You should expect about 17 knots on 7 tons weight,18-19 knots on 6 tons.
I trust this makes sense and helps you to start the process,

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